INSAair&sea summarized.

We, at INSAair&sea, are an international logistics and freight forwarding service provider based in the heart of Europe.
Our headquarters are located in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport.

INSAair&sea was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of INSAtransport, an owner-operated medium-sized company.


INSA stands for: INternationale SAmmelverkehre ( International groupage traffic )

For more than 40 years now, INSAtransport has been asserting itself in this segment – and with success. Not least the enormous service performance plays a role here, but also especially the broad expertise in Italian transport.

This connection enables us to handle all logistic requirements individually, reliably and professionally by air, sea or land. Of course we also take care of the warehouse logistics for our customers.


Our team, consisting of motivated, competent employees, with an annual fluctuation of less than one percent, acts in combination with a high degree of personal responsibility and shortened decision paths: customer-oriented, fast, reliable and flexible.

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